Bookeasy - Get Vc Operator Categories( getVcOperatorCategories )

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  • Name Get Vc Operator Categories
  • Description Responsible for returning Visitor Center operator categories.
  • MethodGroup Visitor Center


  • q
    Type Int32
    Description This is control id for the vc you wish to search for.
    Example <a class="showCode" href="/be/getVcOperatorCategories?q=85">/be/getVcOperatorCategories?q=85</a>
  • uiView
    Type Boolean
  • IgnoreCache
    Type Boolean
  • ShowError
    Type Boolean
  • callback
    Type String


  • Type <a href="/ui/Show?name=Get Vc Operator Categories Model">GetVcOperatorCategoriesModel</a>
    Name Get Vc Operator Categories Model
    Description Is the model object for the getVcOperatorCategories Operation.


  • Name Json Result Error
    Description This error is thrown where something happens and it was unexpected.
    Type <a href="/ui/Show?name=Json Result Error">JsonResultError</a>