Bookeasy - Get Operators Details Short( getOperatorsDetailsShort )

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  • Name Get Operators Details Short
  • Description Responsible for returning short information in relation to an operator.
  • MethodGroup Operators


  • q
    Type Int32
    Description The control id for the visitor center you are searching from.
    Required true
    Example <a class="showCode" href="/be/getOperatorsDetailsShort?q=4">/be/getOperatorsDetailsShort?q=4</a>
  • operators
    Type String
    Description A list of operator ids you wish to filter the search by
    Example <a class="showCode" href="/be/getOperatorsDetailsShort?q=4&operators=7365,7376">/be/getOperatorsDetailsShort?q=4&operators=7365,7376</a>
  • OperatorCategoryId
    Type Int32
    Description The operator category which you are interested in. the category id can be found by calling getVcOperatorCategories
    Example <a class="showCode" href="/be/getOperatorsDetailsShort?q=85&OperatorCategoryId=533">/be/getOperatorsDetailsShort?q=85&OperatorCategoryId=533</a>
  • HotDealsOnly
    Type Boolean
    Description Will return Only operators who have HotDeals
    Example <a class="showCode" href="/be/getOperatorsDetailsShort?q=85&HotDealsOnly=true">/be/getOperatorsDetailsShort?q=85&HotDealsOnly=true</a>
  • Active
    Type Boolean
    Description Will return only operators that are currently linked and active if set to true. True is the default. Set to false if you want non active operators.
    Example <a class="showCode" href="/be/getOperatorsDetailsShort?q=4&Active=true">/be/getOperatorsDetailsShort?q=4&Active=true</a>
  • BusinessTypeId
    Type Int32
    Description Filter the operators by Business Types. The business type id value can be found by calling the /be/getVcBusinessTypes sjp method
    Example <a class="showCode" href="/be/getOperatorsDetailsShort?q=85&BusinessTypeId=833">/be/getOperatorsDetailsShort?q=85&BusinessTypeId=833</a>
  • ExternalSearch
    Type Boolean
    Description Filters the results to only return operators that have joined the bookeasy network.
    Example <a class="showCode" href="/be/getOperatorsDetailsShort?q=85&ExternalSearch=true">/be/getOperatorsDetailsShort?q=85&ExternalSearch=true</a>
  • Latitude
    Type Double
    Description The Latitude you want to search from.
    Required true
  • Longitude
    Type Double
    Description The Longitude you wish to search from..
    Required true
  • Distance
    Type Double
    Description The distance in meters from the search Latitude and Longitude that you want to include in your range.
    Example <a class="showCode" href="/be/getOperatorsDetailsShort?q=4&Latitude=-33.946&Longitude=115.075&Distance=0.1">/be/getOperatorsDetailsShort?q=4&Latitude=-33.946&Longitude=115.075&Distance=0.1</a>
    Required true
  • uiView
    Type Boolean
  • IgnoreCache
    Type Boolean
  • ShowError
    Type Boolean
  • callback
    Type String


  • Type List<<a href="/ui/Show?name=Get Operators Details Short Model">getAccomOperatorsDetailsShort</a>>
    Name Get Operators Details Short Model
    Description Is an operator response object for Operator Details.


  • Name Json Result Error
    Description This error is thrown where something happens and it was unexpected.
    Type <a href="/ui/Show?name=Json Result Error">JsonResultError</a>