Affiliate API - Get Locality Grids( getLocalityGrids )

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  • CustomActionName get-locality-grids
  • Name Get Locality Grids
  • Description Find Locality grid information for a specified request.
  • MethodGroup Inventory Service


  • q
    Type Int64
    Description The locality you wish to obtain a price grid for. <br /> NOTE: If not supplied with optional parameters, the grid will default to the following data: <br /> * checkin = today <br />* nights = 3 <br />* adults = 2 <br />* children = 0
    Example <a class="showCode" href="/api/get-locality-grids?q=373254&webid=45">/api/get-locality-grids?q=373254&webid=45</a>
  • includedetails
    Type Boolean
    Description Include property information with the grid data.
    Example <a class="showCode" href="/api/get-locality-grids?q=373254&includedetails=true&webid=45">/api/get-locality-grids?q=373254&includedetails=true&webid=45</a>
  • checkin
    Type String
    Description Check In: The date for the start of the grid.
    Example <a class="showCode" href="/api/get-locality-grids?q=373254&checkin=2011-12-21&webid=45">/api/get-locality-grids?q=373254&checkin=2011-12-21&webid=45</a>
  • nights
    Type Int32
    Description Nights: The number of nights stay until check-out.
    Example <a class="showCode" href="/api/get-locality-grids?q=373254&nights=7&webid=45">/api/get-locality-grids?q=373254&nights=7&webid=45</a>
  • adults
    Type Int32
    Description Adults: The number of adult guests.
    Example <a class="showCode" href="/api/get-locality-grids?q=373254&adults=4&webid=45">/api/get-locality-grids?q=373254&adults=4&webid=45</a>
  • children
    Type Int32
    Description Children: The number of children guests.
    Example <a class="showCode" href="/api/get-locality-grids?q=373254&children=2&webid=45">/api/get-locality-grids?q=373254&children=2&webid=45</a>
  • private
    Type String
    Description If you wish to include private apartments with normal results, set to <em>include</em>. <br />If you wish to ONLY search for private apartments, you need to set this to <em>true</em>.
    Example <a class="showCode" href="/api/get-locality-grids?q=373254&private=include&webid=45">/api/get-locality-grids?q=373254&private=include&webid=45</a>
    Example <a class="showCode" href="/api/get-locality-grids?q=373254&private=true&webid=45">/api/get-locality-grids?q=373254&private=true&webid=45</a>
  • cb
    Type String
    Description Define a callback function for cross-site ajax.
    Example <a class="showCode" href="/api/get-locality-grids?q=373254&webid=45&cb=jsonpFEBC23945A">/api/get-locality-grids?q=373254&webid=45&cb=jsonpFEBC23945A</a>
  • webid
    Type Int32
    Description The affiliate id for the message you are requesting.
    Required true
  • callback
    Type String
    Description Define a callback function for cross-site ajax
  • IgnoreCache
    Type Boolean
  • ShowError
    Type Boolean